Dear visitor, welcome to our website. Thanks for your interest in our products and services. We are committed to safeguarding and preserving the privacy of our visitors and take the protection of your personal data and its confidential treatment very seriously.


Should you have questions regarding information on behalf of the collection, processing or usage of your personal data or if you have complaints or requests, please contact TACHOfresh GmbH, Freiheitstraße 120, Aufgang C, 15745 Wildau.

You can reach our data protection officer directly
TACHOfresh GmbH
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Collection and Processing of Personal Data

Usually, you are able to browse through the content of our website without need to leave any personal data. We will only gain information regarding the name of your internet provider, your browser and about the pages you are accessing while visiting

We will collect, save and process personal data only by means of current data protection regulations and, insofar as this is necessary, for the fulfilment of the contract between you and TACHOfresh GmbH, or to provide an offer regarding the requested services/products. The term “personal data” refers to information that is provided to us of your own free will and which might allow us to make any conclusions about your real identity – e.g. your name, your E-Mail address and your phone number.

Personal data will be processed and saved only for the purpose approved by you or that is legally admissible.

Additionally, we are using StatCounter Services for web analytics and to improve our services. StatCounter Ltd. (Ireland) is using so called Cookies, i.e. small text files which contain information about your computers configuration such as your IP-address or monitor resolution. Cookies allow us to analyze your usage of our website. StatCounter may hand your data over to 3rd party, if this is legally required or if StatCounter is using them as subcontractor. StatCounter will in no case combine or mix your IP-address with other data of StatCounter Ltd. If you don’t want to use cookies, you can deactivate this function in your browser. (More information on this topic are given in your browser settings). We have to make you aware, that if cookies are deactivated it may happen that you cannot use all functionality of our website. By not deactivating cookies and using this website you agree to a disclosure of your data to StatCounter or other 3rd party entities insofar as this is necessary for the fulfilment of the contract between TACHOfresh GmbH and you or to provide an offer to you regarding the requested services/products.

Any other use – in particular disclosure or otherwise made availability to any 3rd party – is excluded without prior written consent or within the aforementioned scope.

Storing of access data in server logfiles

We store access date in so called server logfiles, e.g. the name of the file, you wanted to use, date and time of the call, size of the file and the accessing provider. This data is evaluated exclusively to ensure trouble-free operation of the site and to improve our offer and does not allow us to draw any conclusions about your person.

Own Cookies

The TACHOfresh application generally only uses cookies that last as long as the session and contain its ID (JSESSIONID) and temporary cookies during the downloads of reports, as well as the following cookies with a longer storage period:

Cookie Name
storage period
Selected settings / parameters for the LIVE display e
14 days
Remember login information
1 year
Browser time zone
14 days

Web design of the help pages with Google Sites

This website uses “Google Sites” for the visual appearance of parts of the help pages. The resulting data protection can be viewed by the responsible operator.
To do this, click on the following link:

Use of contact data

If you use our offered contact sheet we will store your data as long as we need it to answer your question. Without your written consent this data will not be handed over to any 3rd party.

Storage of your data

We stick to principles of data avoidance and data austerity. We therefor store your personal data only as long, as this is needed to achieve defined purposes; or as long, as it is legally or contractually required - e.g. tachograph data. If there is no longer a purpose or the agreed storage period has ended, we have deletion routines and delete this data continuously.

Secure data communication

The transfer of data from you to our website and vice versa is encrypted. This refers to all areas of our website. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer). You will realize this by the closed lock in the URL of your browser.

Your rights to information, correction, deletion

You as a user will get on request without cost all information about the personal data that we store about you. Insofar as your wish to correct false data, to lock or to delete your personal data does not interfere with legally binding record retention periods (work time law, GDPR etc.) you have the right to ask us, to correct, lock or delete your personal data at any time.

Legal or contractual obligations to process and store personal data

Allocation of personal data is in some cases legally required, i.e. tax legislation, EU-law on tachographs) or part of an existing service agreement between you and TACHOfresh GmbH or needed, to prepare an offer to you on request.
Should you have questions regarding the allocation or intended processing of your personal data or if you have concerns, complaints or requests around privacy, please contact our data protection officer directly at He will be more than happy to discuss your concern directly with you.